Aura – Ceramic Foam 500ml


Aura – Ceramic Foam 500ml

Ceramic Foam – Ceramic Foam is a ceramic infused lance applied spray sealant specifically formulated for the detailing market which gives up to 3 months durability from a single application. Can be used on-top of existing sealants, ceramic coatings and waxes. It effectively provides a layer of foam to reduce the risk of it drying out on the paintwork. It doesn’t require any dwell time.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortless application
  • Up to 12 weeks protection
  • Nano technology
  • Extra deep high gloss shine
  • Truly versatile performing amazingly on all exterior surfaces icluding: Paint, Glass, Carbon Fibre, Vinyl, PPF
  • Highly water repellent
  • Fast drying action, free from spotting or streaking
  • Great economy meaning a little goes a long way

Directions for use: Use 100ml topped with 500ml of cold water on unprotected exterior or 50ml and 450ml of water as top up for economy use. When applying ensure all paintwork is free from contamination and is wet and cool before application. Do not allow the product to dry onto any surface and do not use on hot paintwork. Once applied via lance immediately remove any foam residue and dry using your favourite towel.  Foam lance must be flushed with clean water to remove any remains of the ceramic foam.

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