Lava – Wheel Cleaning Gel 500ml


Lava – Wheel Cleaning Gel 500ml

Wheel Cleaning Gel – An advanced ph neutral formulation that will cling to the wheel surface & create a foaming action when agitated. Wheel Cleaning Gel cleaner will remove road salts, dirt and grime from first use without the risk of stripping existing protection. Unlike a conventional liquid wheel cleaner, it will keep working for longer due to it’s sticky formulation.

Key Benefits

  • Acid free formula
  • High Foaming
  • Outstanding effortless cleaner
  • Silicone & Wax free – will not strip wax, coating or sealants
  • PH neutral composition – gentle on all surfaces
  • 100% Biodegradable

Directions for use: Rinse wheels first then spray on to the wheels allowing it to dwell for up to 3 minutes and then agitate with a wheel brush. Once cleaned rinse with strong stream of water.

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